Apps developed by Chris DeLeon for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
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After many years of happily distributing my apps on Apple's App Store,
I decided in May 2012 to focus now on new projects and different directions.

Some of the apps that I developed are still available, though free and not regularly updated.
Several of the apps I made first on iOS now also have a browser/Flash port.

Tumult was my last release on iOS (now available online in Flash instead):

- Note: May Not Be Available for iOS -
#5 in Entertainment (iPad) on Jul 15, 2010

Tumult is free online (Web/Flash)

Game design, programming,
and sound effects for...

Game design, programming,
and sound effects for...

Game design, programming,
and writing for...

Alice in Bomberland
Physics-based puzzle action
Published by ngmoco, Inc.
#2 Top Paid Game, Winter 2008
Wired Readers Top 10*
Millions of downloads
(No Longer Available) / Video
Creativity toy
Spawned countless clones
Top 200 Entertainment, 10 months
210,000 downloads (2010)
(No Longer Updated) / Video / Site
Action/literature mash-up
Published by Sonic Boom
Featured in What's Hot
Top Ranked in November 2009
Educational gameplay experiment*
App Store / Video / Images

Game design, programming,
and writing for...

Programming for...
Game design, programming for...
iZombie: Death March
Look Deeper
Games That Blow
Micro action-horror game
Published by Sonic Boom
Top 20 in Action and Arcade
Campy, original noir writing
Unlockable cheats and weapons
App Store / Video
Photography showcase
Developed for Look Deeper Design
Can save wallpapers to device
Connects to online store
Supports updates by client
(No Longer Available) / Site
Microphone-based multiplayer
Published by Sonic Boom
10 original minigames
Local tournament play
Tap mode for loud environments
(No Longer Available) / Video

Gameplay tuning (Mania Mode),
soundtrack selection for...

Game design, programming, and
art for...

Everything except the music for...
Makeout Mania

Now with hi-res iPad support!
Cartoony chain reaction game
Published by StormHatch, LLC
Game by PuppetGear (not me!)
Integrated with social networks
Bronze Award, Pocket Gamer*
(No Longer Available) / Video
Art game with a message
Idea: sometimes winning is losing
Made in under 36 hours during GDC 2010
Ranked #53 in Lifestyle
(No Longer Updated) / Site
Concept game*
"Intuitive", "Stunning", "Brilliant",
"I could play this forever."*
IndieCade 2010 Finalist*
(No Longer Updated) / Video / Flash

Programming, UI Design for...
A Graphic History of the Honduras Coup
Developed for free to help comics journalist Dan Archer share his non-fiction comic, The Honduran Coup: A Graphic History.
Published by Archcomix / #121 in News / Per-panel links to web sources / A general comic engine, adaptable to other content
(No Longer Available) / Site / About the Author

Everything except recorded speech and certain writing for...

Experimental e-book-lite/platformer hybrid ASCII-style notgame
An interactive frame for excerpts from Walden by Henry David Thoreau
Desgined for iPad - but also supports iPhone and iPod Touch
Ranked #36 in Education
"loved loved loved the journey... hypnotic and enlightening, a definite recommendation"
"extremely relaxing... I would like to see more like this"
(No Longer Updated) / Site / Video / Play Now (Web/Flash)

My other experimental apps available on iPad (No Longer Updated):

Burnit HD (Ranked #26 in Entertainment)

Wobbly (Ranked #53 in Education and #56 in Entertainment)

Tumult (New Release for iPad/iPhone/iTouch - Video)

I also recruited, directed, and managed the art/audio talent on all games other than Topple and Makeout Mania.