Chris DeLeon
Forbes 30 Under 30

Master's Thesis: Pinball & Arcade Games - PDF
On YouTube as presented at History of Games '09-present
Videogame development evangelist

Georgia Tech VGDev Student Games '10-13
Founder, project lead, misc. team roles

Apple iPhone/iPad Entertainment Art '08-10
Mobile producer, programmer, and designer

InteractionArtist Experimental Series '07-08
Developer of daily interactive projects for 7 months

Dozens of Hobby Videogames (Best, E-Book) '96-07
Completing 4+ freeware videogames yearly since 1998

PlayCrafter Game Making Tool (games: 1, 2, 3) '07-08
Early hire at start-up that helped kids make web games

Carnegie Mellon Undergrad Games '04-07
Cofounder, club manager, lead role on 10 projects

Medal of Honor Airborne, Boom Blox '05,06,07
Technical Game Designer for EA (intern 05/06, FT 07)
Details about more recent projects:
Mid-2011 - Mid-2013 videogame screenshots+links+videos
Mid-2010 - Mid-2011 videogame screenshots+links+videos
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